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CYBERFLİX apk for Android Download New Update

I’m just gonna open it up for you guys okay and this one like I said it’s the newest version they did this is the 314.İt’s really he added a lot of new a lot of new links there and it’s really clean it’s really clean how this thing is set up you can’t download cyber play.

I believe I have that in my channels apk so a following but I usually use MX player or VLC ok so I just go into that and usually it up set there now this is a very familiar and layout if you don’t know about it it’s a like I said basically a clone to terraeum TV you got.

Your TV shows it’s pretty smudge set up like that you hit the upside down triangle and you see you have your different sections here you have also which i think is cool you have yours anime this a lot of new ap Kaiser. I’m starting to add enemy to it as the popularity of what anime is getting which i think is really cool so check it out explore that you got your 80s old.

These mobile DS it’s pretty good there check that out looks like that Felix a cat Wow so that’s your TV shows you go over to this here you hit movies now you have your movie section it’s really simple to do if you’ve not familiar right if you’re familiarize with terrarium TV cyber cyber flicks TV is the way to go it’s real simple to use.

Let me see here set this up you let’s start this movie or just show you how it gets I’m going excuse me you’re gonna put that prop down you just have okay.Just hit the back button like that disappear from here you can just simply hit the play button on your remote okay and you see that there just it no done it and then once again you could switch the player just hit that out and it’s gonna find you links once you find the links that you want you’re just gonna simply click it and it’s gonna tell you.

Wanna play so I mean you see there and then what you do is you hit the play button and then they’ll play the movie for you it’s real simple to do it’s not hard at all and like I said that’s icon is to change the player as you see there okay and then let me get back for TV shows is really really easy what I like about it is it breaks it down for you and the TV’s shows our episodes so you got star trek discovery go into that and then you’re gonna go to seasons and then you got to like season two okay we’re okay.

There and then you see this here you got season episode 1 episode 2 and it’s pretty much the same set up UK hit this play button here I’ll hit the play button on your remote and then let me just sit this year so own tax again okay and then um they’ll find links for you and once you find the link that you want you just click it and then you hit the play button.



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