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Download Femto Player IPTV: The Best Live TV App for Android

Femto Player IPTV is a popular live TV and video on demand app available for multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and more. It provides access to thousands of live TV channels from around the world covering sports, news, movies, shows, and more.

Some key features of Femto Player IPTV include:

  • Huge channel lineup with streams from many different countries
  • Support for catch-up TV to replay shows you missed
  • Video on demand library with movies, shows, documentaries and more
  • Customizable channel list to bookmark your favorites
  • Multiple subscription options including free trials
  • Available across platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Smart TVs
  • User-friendly interface for easy channel switching
  • Ability to cast and chromecast streams to bigger screens
  • Support for EPG (electronic program guide) on some devices
  • Parental controls and locked profiles

Femto Player IPTV aims to provide an affordable and convenient way to watch live television and video globally by aggregating content into an easy to use app. It offers a cable-cutting alternative while still providing access to premium sports, news, and entertainment channels.

Downloading Femto Player IPTV

femto player iptv

Femto Player IPTV can be downloaded directly from the developer’s website at The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

To download Femto Player IPTV on your Android device:

  1. Open your device’s web browser and go to

  2. Tap on the “Download for Android” button.

  3. You may be asked if you want to allow downloads from unknown sources. Tap “Yes” to allow downloads.

  4. The APK download will begin. Once it has finished, open your notifications tray and tap on the “FemtoPlayerIPTV.apk” file.

  5. This will launch the Android Package Installer. Tap “Install” to begin the installation process.

  6. Accept any permissions requested by the app. Once installation is complete, you will find the Femto Player IPTV app icon in your device’s app drawer.

  7. Tap to open the app and get started!

Installing Femto Player IPTV on your Android device is quick and easy. Simply download the APK file from the official website and launch the installer. Within minutes, you’ll have the app ready to start streaming live TV channels and more.

Using Femto Player IPTV

Femto Player IPTV provides an intuitive interface for accessing and streaming live TV channels and content. Here are some tips for navigating the app and accessing the key features:

Accessing Live TV Channels

  • Open the Femto Player app and select the Live TV option. This will display a channel guide with all available live TV channels.
  • Scroll through the channel guide to browse channels. Select any channel logo to start streaming that channel.
  • Use the search bar to find specific channels by name. As you type, matching channels will populate.
  • Favorite channels can be bookmarked by tapping the star icon next to any channel in the guide. These will appear in the Favorites section.

Streaming Live Sports

  • The Sports section provides quick access to live sporting events and matches. Select a sport to see available live games.
  • Upcoming matches for each sport will also be listed with the start time. You can set reminders to tune in before a game begins.
  • While streaming a live game, use the playback controls for options like pausing, rewinding or controlling playback speed.

Femto Player makes it simple to access live TV streams in real-time. The customizable guide and bookmarking features allow you to easily find and return to your preferred channels and sports. With a fast, intuitive interface, Femto Player delivers a premium IPTV experience on Android devices.

Femto Player IPTV on Android

Femto Player IPTV is designed to provide an optimized experience for Android users. The app takes full advantage of Android’s capabilities to deliver a seamless IPTV streaming experience.

Some key features of Femto Player IPTV on Android include:

  • Built for Android – The app is developed specifically for the Android platform, not just a port from iOS. This means it is optimized to leverage Android’s strengths like multi-tasking, notifications, and Google Play integration.

  • Chromecast Support – You can cast Femto Player IPTV to your Chromecast device or Chromecast built-in TVs straight from the app. This makes it easy to watch IPTV on the big screen.

  • Customizable Player – The video player can be customized with options like aspect ratio settings, hardware decoding, and the ability to play media from third party apps. This allows you to tweak the player to best suit your viewing preferences.

  • Multiple Playlists Support – Organize your favorite IPTV channels into different playlists. Easily switch between playlists for different content types like movies, sports, news, etc.

  • Notification Support – Enable notifications in the app to get alerts about upcoming programs, live matches, breaking news and more. Stay on top of your favorite IPTV content.

  • Dark Mode – Switch to dark mode for comfortable viewing in low light conditions. The dark UI reduces eye strain.

  • Universal Remote – Use your Android device as a universal remote to control your TV/streaming box volume, navigation and playback. Reduces juggling between multiple remotes.

With a range of features tailored for Android, Femto Player IPTV provides an excellent IPTV solution for Android users looking for a rich streaming media experience on their devices.

Watching Live Football with Femto Player IPTV

femto player iptv

Femto Player IPTV provides easy access to live football matches from major leagues and tournaments around the world. With a Femto Player IPTV subscription, you can stream live games in HD quality from competitions like:

  • Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Serie A
  • Bundesliga
  • Champions League
  • Europa League
  • World Cup
  • Euro Cup
  • Copa America
  • MLS
  • and many more!

The app delivers smooth and reliable streams for live football, even during peak times when demand is high. Soccer fans can enjoy their favorite teams without buffering or lag issues. Femto Player IPTV leverages peer-to-peer streaming technology to provide high-quality feeds that stay up even when millions are tuning in for big matches.

Whether you want to watch El Clasico, the Manchester Derby, or the World Cup Final, Femto Player IPTV has you covered. The service makes it easy to access the best football action from any device. With Femto Player IPTV, you’ll never miss a match!

Femto Player IPTV vs Competition

Femto Player IPTV stands out from other IPTV apps in a few key ways:

  • No subscription required – Unlike many IPTV services that require a monthly or yearly subscription, Femto Player is totally free to download and use. This makes it more accessible for people who just want to try out IPTV without a long-term commitment.

  • Support for multiple playlists – You can add different playlist URLs to access various channels and content. Other apps may limit you to a single preset channel lineup.

  • Ad-free experience – There are no annoying banner ads or video ads in Femto Player. You can watch your shows uninterrupted.

  • Cross-platform availability – In addition to Android, Femto Player is also available on iOS, PC, and Smart TVs. The same app and playlists sync across all your devices.

  • User-friendly interface – Femto Player has an intuitive and visually appealing interface. Channels are neatly organized into categories and genres for easy navigation.

  • Reliable streams – Channels tend to be more stable and higher video quality compared to some free IPTV services. Less buffering results in a better watching experience.

  • Active development – The Femto Player app sees frequent updates to fix bugs, add new features, and make general improvements. Many competing apps are abandoned after launch.

If you’re looking for a free, full-featured IPTV service for live TV streaming, Femto Player is one of the top options available today. The lack of subscriptions, ads, and hassles make it appealing compared to both paid and free competitors.


femto player iptv

Femto Player IPTV is a solid option for those looking to stream live TV, including sports, on their Android devices. It provides a smooth streaming experience, an intuitive interface, and a good channel selection.

The app is easy to set up and use, even for those new to IPTV. It also includes some nice features like the ability to create custom channel lists. Video and audio quality are quite good, even at high resolutions on fast internet connections.

Overall, Femto Player IPTV delivers a quality IPTV experience on Android. It’s a good choice for cord cutters who want to replace their cable or satellite service with live TV streaming. The app is especially useful for sports fans who want to be able to watch live games and matches across various leagues and tournaments.

Compared to some competing IPTV apps, Femto Player stands out for its stability, smooth playback, and thoughtful feature set. For those specifically looking to watch live football on their Android device, it’s a reliable option worth considering.

Femto Player İPTV APK

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